A new approach to policy development:
Collaborative, inclusive, nonprofit, nonpartisan

Our Mission

Glasshouse Policy removes the gap between citizens and policymakers, creating a more engaged citizenry and a more responsive and representative government. By acting as a forum for the general public, policymakers, academics, and all other interested stakeholders to debate, compromise, and ultimately craft crowdsourced policy solutions to the major issues the public faces today, Glasshouse Policy engages new ideas, new voices, and new constituencies on critical community issues.

How can we produce better policy?

  • Crowdsourcing
  • Discussion
  • Implementation


Glasshouse Policy removes the gap between citizens and policymakers by crowdsourcing solutions to the most pressing problems communities face across the country. Rather than selling tailored policy positions to the public, Glasshouse Policy ensures that citizens and policymakers develop a shared perspective on policies intended to strengthen their communities.

Through this process of citizen empowerment and education, we identify and establish strategic relationships between traditional policy stakeholders and evolving constituencies.


Using the public policy solutions that users generate, Glasshouse Policy convenes strategic conversations with interest groups, academics, policymakers, and other stakeholders to translate citizen-sourced policy proposals into a detailed policy landscape analysis and recommendations for implementation.

Glasshouse Policy's transparent stakeholder conversations are designed and executed to be places of cooperation and collaboration, where policy can be discussed without having to worry about party lines or partisanship.


Once the most actionable and salient citizen-sourced ideas are identified, Glasshouse Policy works with both public and private stakeholders, as well as the general public, to develop implementation recommendations that fit the specific community and issue.

Glasshouse Policy is a nonpolitical organization. While we work with elected officials, community leaders and other stakeholders to develop policy recommendations and vetted compromises, we do not advocate or lobby for legislation.

  • “I believe this plan would have a lasting effect. It would be a vast improvement in the way we...”


    District: TX-06

    12 Days Ago

In our first year of operation, we politically empowered Texans in a way that's never been done before.

Now we’re expanding our commitment to prioritizing citizen involvement. We’re introducing new forms of collaboration and establishing more dynamic stakeholder partnerships in implementing crowdsourced public policy.

Like all work at Glasshouse Policy, every project is a collaborative process. Glasshouse Policy hosts meetings with stakeholders, advocacy groups, politicians and experts in the field. From these meetings, Glasshouse Policy develops a consensus on problems and solutions to establish a roadmap toward implementing citizen-sourced policy solutions.

How can you help?

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